Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice games are popular new casino products offering a quick and reliable way to stake cryptocurrency and have fun. Thanks to their provably fair rates, Bitcoin dice games are among the fastest-growing segment today. 

Another reason for the success of this type of gaming is the fact that the available games come in many forms and customizable interfaces to make the experience truly unique. Even though they may appear a little complicated at first, they all boil down to a simple roll of the dice.

There are a few twists, of course, but I will talk about this in detail in the following sections. Ready to familiarise yourself with some of the best Bitcoin dice games?


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Remarks: With an active bonus, the maximum bet amount per wager/spin is 0.0007 BTC / 0.0035 ETH / 7 USDT until the wagering requirement has been completed. Full T&C apply.

Bitcoin Dice Sites

Bitcoin dice sites are in fact quite common these days. Thanks to the popularity of the games, you will find quite a few excellent brand names. These websites come with a familiar interface that displays the current jackpot, if one is available, the win chance – instead of a traditional Return to Player (RTP) rate, and the payout on a win. 

These sites always try to have a very intuitive interface that allows you to find your way to important information quickly. For example, you can always track who has won the most bets or even check on the high rollers. 


In fact, most websites will even display how much has been won in jackpots and when specifically. Other than that, websites that offer Bitcoin dice games are just what you would expect from them. They have licensing agreements with respected regulators.

Most websites will also offer traditional casino products to make sure you are never bored. If you are still hesitant about whether you want to play, you can first test the available free dice Bitcoin options and see if you like the premise. 

The best brands I would recommend are always provably fair -in other words, you can rest assured that relevant authorities have ensured the fairness of each roll of the crypto dice. Bitcoin dice games may still look a wee bit outlandish but every casino player out there – new or seasoned – is more inclined to give them a try.

Playing with Bitcoin also has its inherent perks – such as quick deposits and somewhat better identity protection. 

New Bitcoin Dice Sites

How are new Bitcoin dice sites any different than the brands in the past? In my experience, newer sites tend to be more innovative. Everyone who sets up a new brand, and focuses on Bitcoin dice games, in particular, has to stand out by bringing something new to the table.

That, understandably, comes with its own set of challenges. So how do newer sites differ from the old ones? When Bitcoin casinos – dice or otherwise – started out, they were rather rudimentary, making big promises that they later couldn’t keep up with.

None of this is true for the newer Bitcoin dice sites, and especially the ones I have had the pleasure to test for myself. Everything in these casinos, from dice games to the bonus system is carefully tailored to correspond with your needs as a player. 

Bitcoin Dice Games

The Bitcoin dice games can definitely look a little daunting at first. After all, the interface is definitely not something you have seen before, and the concept of an RTP is replaced with one of a winning chance. It’s almost the same, I know.  

Even though the name suggests a dice, there are some slight things to note about the gameplay itself. For example, it’s not entirely a matter of rolling a dice and getting a combination of the numbers, as in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

Rather the winning combinations vary based on decimals between 0 and 10 but watch out because some games will set the bar as high as 1,000 decimals. The upside is that nearly all Bitcoin dice sites and games will let you have control over your win chance and the multiplier, as well as what, bet size you want to risk at any one time. 

Why the decimals? It’s simple – you try to guess whether your roll will produce a number that is within the range you have selected. The more numbers you include, the smaller your return would be. 

Most games offer a slider where you can see how the Win Chance and Multiplier scale up as you include more numbers. Your wins will vary, but the best Bitcoin dice casinos will let you adjust every last detail for yourself. Sounds like a good bargain to me, and it is. Now, you are probably wondering – are there winning strategies you can use to maximise your profit?

Bitcoin Dice Strategies

Bitcoin dice games are the domain of mathematicians, but don’t worry – you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to utilise fastest Bitcoin dice win strategy options available today. In fact, depending on how much time you have spent playing casino games, you might actually be familiar with some, or perhaps most, of the following strategies.

  • Martingale

From roulette to blackjack, Martingale is perhaps the most popular type of progressive strategy. The premise here is very simple – if you end up losing a bet, you simply double up to capture your loss and offset. Once you do, you start with the basic wager and just double up whenever you lose. Here’s an example:

  1. You lose 15m฿ to roll under 50.
  2. Increase the stake to 30m฿ and bet to roll under 50.
  3. If your bet loses again, just increase the amount to 60m฿ until you win.

Once you have won, you can start at the beginning of 15m฿. Of course, you can tinker with the slider a bit and push for a better win chance, but it seems under 50 holds the best mathematical return. I tend to agree.

  • Reverse Martingale 

Martingale does not need to be only about losses. You can just as easily start increasing your stakes after every win. Let’s say that you have just won 10m฿. Stake half of that amount on top of your regular amount for a chance to win more. If the roll of the dice is unlucky, you will still have kept half your winnings and just start at the base bet.

Now, some have pointed out that there is no way to offset potential losses with Reverse Martingale during no-win losses, i.e., what if you lose on your first roll? 

In my opinion, the best thing to do here is to use traditional martingale system – just make up for your loss, and then decide whether to go back to the default stake or add half of your winnings for the next roll.

The important thing here is to keep track of what you stake and what you win and don’t get distracted.

Bitcoin Dice Bonuses

Bonuses play a big factor on any website out there, as they help players in more than one way. For starter’s a Bitcoin dice bonus would help you start with a little more under your belt, help you have a better time playing.

Furthermore, a great Bitcoin dice bonus will extend your overall time you can spend at a casino by offering you sufficient means to continue playing. There are different forms of bonuses, too.

Some would require you first to deposit some of your own Bitcoin while others will be awarded to you right away – as a no deposit bonus. Now, you may be wondering if there actually are ‘free bonuses,’ and in my experience – there are.

In the next section, I will discuss the Bitcoin dice faucet, which is a bonus system that awards you very small bits of Bitcoin you can use to play dice. Overall, it can be argued that what Bitcoin dice bonuses there are out there are generally better than most traditional casinos. 

Of course, same as ever, you always need to be aware of the wagering requirements – if any apply. Make sure to give your Dice bonus’ T&C’s a good read before accepting it and even more importantly – acting on it. 

Bitcoin Dice Faucet

Bitcoin gambling with faucets is an easy way to cut your teeth on this type of casinos. In other words, faucets are a way to experience free dice Bitcoin games and still win something in the process. 

Admittedly, the amount you win won’t be much. In my experience, you can claim between 0.000001 BTC and up to 0.0000030 BTC, but no matter how little this amount, it will still go a long way to contribute to your overall bankroll.

Since I am talking about free games, you won’t have access to them all the time. Rather, you will be able to claim some small amount every few seconds or every few minutes. It really depends on the website.

The more frequent the freebies, the smaller they will be in value, but even then, they are still useful. Some websites prefer to set a daily limit on the faucets you can claim, which also works. 

Why Play with Faucets?

Bitcoin dice sites with faucets will help you to enter the intriguing world of dice-spinning madness without any cost to your bankroll. You will be able to gather bits and bobs until you have enough to turn a real profit out of simply visiting a website that has been so kind as to offer faucets in the first place. 

Yes, you can actually use the faucet funds you claim to tinker with the multipliers and win a chance to chase even bigger profits hopefully. Here’s your reason to never pass up on an opportunity to claim a faucet!

Why Should You Play Bitcoin Dice Games?

There are quite a few benefits that come hand-in-hand with playing Bitcoin dice games. First, the payment method itself – Bitcoin is convenient, it’s fast, it’s safe. You could argue that Bitcoin is the quickest way to withdraw your funds from a casino site, and that’s definitely handy. But there are other benefits just as well:

  • Games that are fair: Bitcoin dice games are subject to extensive checks that make it possible for players to enjoy the gameplay without giving it a second thought. Naturally, you only need to play at trusted websites.
  • You don’t have to register: There are Bitcoin dice versions which allow you to stay anonymous. Just connect your crypto wallet and start playing without ever worrying about a thing. 
  • Quick transaction times: As mentioned several times throughout my article, Bitcoin dice casino sites offer swift transactions. You can settle a transaction on the spot and without any extra hassle – worth it in my opinion.

Naturally, there are other reasons to consider. Some people just enjoy tinkering with the slider and see what returns they can fetch. Others find this form of gaming relaxing and a good alternative from traditional casino games. In any event, I can definitely see why Bitcoin dice games are becoming increasingly popular. 


Are there free Bitcoin dice games?

Yes. Certain Bitcoin dice games can be tested for free with the help of faucets. Faucets are a type of no deposit promotion that allows you to win bits and bobs of BTC.

Why do some Bitcoin dice sites offer faucets?

Faucets are Bitcoin dice sites way of inviting players to stick around, try out the available dice games and derive real value – in terms of BTC – from their efforts. Faucets are usually available every day, offering players a chance to keep adding bits and bobs to their bankroll continually.

What are the best Bitcoin dice games?

Choosing a Bitcoin dice game is a matter of personal choice. You ought to select a game that you feel comfortable with, and more specifically, a Bitcoin dice site that makes you comfortable.

How do I find great Bitcoin dice games?

You can find some excellent Bitcoin dice games by testing different websites and their games. Either follow a recommendation from a professional reviewing service or have a look around yourself.