Wixiplay.io is a crypto casino and built on the blockchain. The operator brings a number of great opportunities to payers to benefit from a transparent platform and many daily and weekly rewards. 

Furthermore, the website comes with a neat interface, a busy social chat and multiple cool blockchain-powered solutions and games. Most of these products are exclusive to Wixiplay.io while still probably fair.

All of this combined makes the brand one of the best crypto casinos I have had the pleasure to try. In this review, I will focus mostly on the clever promotions on offer here. Ultimately, 

Wixiplay.io is an exclusive dice iGaming site, so it’s slightly different than what you are used to playing.

Check out the 50% Commission Affiliate Program

I never talk about affiliation rates, but on this occasion, browsing through Wixiplay.io, the affiliate program caught my eye. Now, I understand that most of you couldn’t care less, but it’s interesting to see that Wixiplay builds a network of partners – whether this is an affiliate website or a player, to deliver the best results across the board.

I was sceptical at first of course, so that prompted me to read through some opinions of people who have been working with Wixiplay. As it turns out – it’s all true, and Wixiplay does disburse 50% of all revenue back to affiliates. Pretty neat when you think about it.

Don’t Forget the 25% Cashback 

Far more importantly, though, I was keen to find out more about the cashback system. Apparently, all players here stand to benefit from a 25% cashback system which will help you gain extra funds to continue playing your favourite games.

I find this arrangement neat enough. Most cashback rates in the industry are around 20%. Not least of all, knowing that this is a crypto casino, and you still get a cashback is great. 

Pick Your Welcome Bonus: 50%, 100% or 200% in Bonus Funds 

Another great aspect of the casino is the fact that the welcome bonus is pretty flexible. You will get to pick from a matching amount that ranges from 50% to 100%, to 200%. These rewards are fixed, making it easy to choose a pre-selected value. 

Chat Rains

Since it’s all about the social experience, players are very welcome to share with each other. It’s often the custom of a lucky player to tip others for their good fortune. 

With Wixiplay.io’s chat rains, you can easily disburse some of your good fortune. A chat rain will distribute a preselected amount between a fixed number of players. 

I find this feature to be really neat and a great way to “share the love,” as a popular saying has it. Furthermore, I believe that sharing is part of what it means to be an iGaming player, and Wixiplay.io have captured this successfully. 

Apart from sharing some of your good fortunes, the social chat serves another role as well. Players can introduce each other and help out with specific queries. 

Daily and Weekly Contest

To make the experience a little more enticing a little sooner, Wixiplay.io offers daily and weekly contests you can participate in. The website seems to be about transparency, so all potential rewards are displayed.

Wixiplay goes a little further to display the bids of individual players and thus allow you to see what fellow players are doing. Having the daily and weekly contests front and cantered is also a smart way to bring in more involvement from the community as well as whip up interest.

Dice Jackpot and Lottery Jackpot 

It never hurts to dream big. Focused on the iGaming crypto experience, Wixiplay.io runs comprehensive dice, and lottery jackpot offers to boost your chances of success. The lottery always has a draw time that lets you consider your bets, and if you want to play for the first time.

The prize is usually 1 BTC with the value fixed in US$. The lottery works in a peer-to-peer fashion once again. In other words, all tickets with five matching numbers will share 80% of the prize pool. 

All tickets with four matching numbers will divvy up another 8% of the bankroll. And last, players with three matching numbers will sink their teeth in 2% of the remaining bankroll. Not too bad at all.

Is Wixiplay.io Provably Fair? 

Having had the pleasure to experience a decent number of crypto iGaming sites, I definitely know what to look for. Safety and security are, of course, paramount. So, how does Wixiplay.io take care of this essential need?

Once again, the website seems to follow in the well-established practices of transparency as, being completely honest, has its upsides as it turns out. In this case, you can click on the Fairness section of the website and read all about the PF verifications that are used to make sure that each and every last outcome is completely free of any monkey business. 

Find out More about Dice Blockchain Gaming

I am sure you will expect to see some slots, but at the present rate of development, the entire focus is on the dice gaming experience. And I can promise you these blockchain dice games are worth your while.

You might be used to a developer fixing the theoretical return for you, but with Bitcoin dice, you can adjust both the return and the probability of the outcome. Any player who wishes to play a straightforward yet rewarding game would definitely dig the blockchain dice mechanic. 

If this is your first brush with blockchain gaming and dice specifically, you have come to the right place. I definitely recommend Wixiplay as one of the top Bitcoin oriented gaming sites.

Why People Call Wixiplay the Greatest Gambling Experience

Overall, Wixiplay.io is still a project in development. The website cuts right to the chase, and from the start, you get to participate in various contests and tournaments. Moreover, you can claim a fair bit of funds back. Similarly, you have a great bonus to make full use of, and I recommend that you don’t miss out. 

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