How do Infinity Reels (Infinireels) slots work?

ReelPlay invented the Infinity Reels and Netent the Infinireels

Netent must have been devastated, looking at the recent Big Time Gaming successes, where they turned the gambling world upside down with their brilliant Megaways concept.

Netent had no other options but to come up with a great new concept of their own. The result? The InfiniReels. Netent introduced this fascinating concept with Gods of Gold InfiniReels.

The idea? You start with three reels on the playing field, and after a win, you gain a free re-spin, and simultaneously, the playing field expands with one additional reel.

It goes on as long as you keep on winning, and (in theory) you can have an infinite number of reels.

By the way, Netent needs to share the credits with the Australian game maker ReelPlay, who came up with the Infinity Reels. ReelPlay started with El Dorado Infinity Reels, but until today (April 2021), ReelPlay has already released six Infinity Reels slots.

Relax Gaming got ReelPlay’s permission to launch Emerald’s Infinity Reels and Game Lab with Royal Dragon Infinity Reels and Boomerang with Gargoyle Infinity Reels.

Coincidence or not, but both Netent and ReelPlay invented this game concept simultaneously. Both game makers share the patent (trademark) of this concept: Netent has the InfiniReels and ReelPlay the Infinity Reels.

After a win, the concept is the same: you see a new reel added on the right. There are some subtle differences as well, which I tell you all about below.

Let me start with ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels and afterwards with Netent’s InfiniReels. 

A detailed explanation of ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels mechanic

As said, you’ll see an extra reel on the right, following a win. ReelPlay’s slots also have a win multiplier, which increases with an increment of +1 following such a win.

Giza Infinity Reels, El Dorado Infinity Reels, Thor Infinity Reels and Zodiac Infinity Reels all start with 3 reels of 4 symbols each.

You win if you’ve at least 5 identical symbols (ReelPlay calls these participating symbols). In that case, you get a free respin and an additional reel on the right. Moreover, the win multiplier increases by +1.

If you spin (at least) one more participating symbol (or a new combination of at least 5 other participating symbols), you get another free re-spin, and another reel appears on the right. Also, the win multiplier increases again.

It can go on (in theory) till infinity. With all ReelPlay slots, the win multiplier is as high as 888x after the 12th reel addition (so you need 12 consecutive wins).

Below, you see an illustration of how this works with Giza Infinity Reels.


ReelPlay’s Infinity Reel slots with Megaways

Up to now, we’ve also seen the Odin Infinity Reels Megaways and Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways slots. The reels have random 2 to 5 symbols.

The idea is the same as above, but instead of participating symbols, you get win ways (ReelPlay calls these symbol ways). Indeed do these slots work with the win-all-ways mechanic.

You win once you’ve identical symbols on the first three reels (at least one symbol per reel). You get another reel following a win, and the win multiplier also increases by +1.

Below an illustration for Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways.


A detailed explanation of Netent’s InfiniReels mechanic

God’s of Gold InfiniReels is the only Netent slot with the InfiniReels feature so far.

It works similarly to Reel Play’s Infinity Reels Megaways slots and, therefore, with the win-all-ways mechanic.

It starts with 3 reels of 3 symbols each and therefore 27 win ways (ways to win).

After a win, an extra reel appears on the right. It gets you 81 win ways. Also, here, it can go on (in theory) till infinity.

Netent helps you visualize everything with its Minimap and the Symbol Counter (where you get to see the number of winning symbols and the number of winning combinations).

Below you see a detailed illustration.

How many win ways do the InfiniReels slots have?

It’s a simple calculation.

  • With 3 reels, it’s 27 win ways.
  • With 4 reels, it’s 81 win ways.
  • With 5 reels, it’s 243 win ways.
  • With 6 reels, it’s 729 win ways.
  • With 7 reels, it’s 2,187 win ways.
  • With 8 reels, it’s 6,561 win ways.
  • With 9 reels, it’s 19,683 win ways.
  • With 10 reels, it’s 59,049 win ways.
  • With 11 reels, it’s 177,147 win ways.
  • With 12 reels, it’s 531,441 win ways.
  • With 13 reels, it’s 1,594,323 win ways.
  • With 14 reels, it’s 4,782,969 win ways.
  • With 15 reels, it’s 14,348,907 win ways.
  • Etc.

 Q&A’s Infinity Reels and InfiniReels

Below, you get some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q1: Will more Infinity Reels or Infinireels slots be released?

I expect so, as it’s been a considerable investment for ReelPlay and Netent to design this mechanism.  We’ve already seen 10 of these slots, and many players love these slots.

Q2: Will Netent and ReelPlay sell this license? Like Big Time Gaming did with the Megaways concept?

ReelPlay has already done so, and Relax Gaming got ReelPlay’s permission to launch Emerald’s Infinity Reels. Game Lab launched Royal Dragon Infinity Reels, and Boomerang released Gargoyle Infinity Reels.

Q3: Will Infinity Reels or the InfiniReels be as popular as Megaways?

It’s hard to imagine, but did you know that it took more than two years before Megaways became so popular?

Q4: Will Infinity Reels slots always be the same in the future?

You’ve already seen some variation, which is essential for players not to get bored.  The concept has enormous potential, so I expect to see many more variations.

Q5: What are the advantages of Infinity Reels slots?

It’s something new! And something different!

Q6: What are the disadvantages of Infinity Reels slots?

Yes, it takes some time to get used to it. It might be overwhelming at the beginning. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to fathom.

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