Reactoonz Slot

Reactoonz-slot-play-n-go super big win

Reactoonz-slot-play-n-go super big win

Reactoonz is an online video slot by Play ‘n GO that builds on the Energoonz slot, one of the most well-known titles by this Swedish software provider.

Play ‘n GO is producing ever more innovative slots, as seen with the magnificent Moon Princess and the popular (especially amongst high rollers) Viking Runecraft. These are slots with dropping symbols that can cause chain reactions, which can lead to large sums of money being paid out. A very successful formula that is being embraced by a multitude of players.

Reactoonz also fits into this category. The game is frantic, fast-paced and at first glance even confusing. A lot happens, especially when multiple combinations drop down one after the other, sometimes it can all be a bit dizzying. Rest assured, it is just a matter of playing the game for a bit and letting it come to you.

At a certain point you figure out the mechanism, and shortly after that happens, you start noticing just how much fun Reactoonz is.

  • Details: 7 reels, 7 rows, 7 paylines
  • Bet levels: €0.20 – €100
  • Maximum win: 4,500x
  • Special features:  Quantum Features, Wilds, Multipliers
  • Return to player: 96%
  •  Volatility: High


How does the Reactoonz slot work?

Reactoonz The game is played on a matrix of 7 x 7 symbols, filled with all sorts of colourful space creatures. There are no fixed paylines, but payouts arise when clusters of the same symbols occur.

Winning combinations need to be 5 or more of the same symbols in a cluster. The higher the number in the cluster, the more money you will get. If there is a 2 x 2 symbol in a winning combination, the winnings get doubled.

Winning combinations disappear and make way for new symbols which could lead to a chain reaction.

You pay a fixed amount per spin, from as low as $€ 0.20 up to a maximum of $€ 100.

Special symbols give extra wilds

At every spin, 1 symbol is designated and functions as a special symbol. If a winning combination is made with this particular one, it leaves behind 2 wilds, which increases the chance for more winning combinations.

The Gargantoon: extra boosters

On the right side of your screen, you will notice a white monster with 3 eyes. This is your friend, the Gargantoon. When you make winning combinations, the gauge fills up. For every full gauge, 1 of the 4 boosters is activated. These boosters can be of enormous help to produce even more winning combinations, although 1 is far more powerful than the others.

Implosion: This is the best booster: 3 to 6 symbols are changed over into wilds, and all the surrounding symbols are destroyed.

Alteration: 1 random symbol changes into another one, but often this is of no help to you.

Demolition: All low-value symbols are removed.

Incision: A wild symbol is placed in the middle, and two crossed diagonal rows are filled with the same symbols. Very powerful, especially when the rows are filled with wilds.

When 5 gauges are filled up, the party gets going. Now the super powerful Gargantoon Feature is added to the queue. This feature provides a significant number of extra wilds on the screen. First, a 3 x 3 wild symbol appears, then a 2x 2 wild and after that 9 single wilds. It looks like a complete frenzy and the resulting payouts are often very, very big.

The Gargantoon can even conjure up extra wilds after a non-winning spin: between 4 and 8 wilds.


What is the variance and payout rate of Reactoonz?

The payout rate is a very solid at 96.51%.

The variance is high to medium. If you can get a great chain reaction with the Gargantoon feature added in you can easily obtain winnings of 1,000 x – 1,500 x your bet.

Be warned though: Reactoonz can be very volatile and hardly give you any returns for long spells.

Financial analysis of Reactoonz

We have put together an extensive financial analysis of the Reactoonz slot, including:

  • Our results of 5,000 real money spins on Reactoonz
  • The prize distribution
  • Your chances of winning on Reactoonz
  • How to successfully apply the “Hit and Run” strategy to Reactoonz

Our results on 5,000 real money spins on Reactoonz

We played no less than 5,000 real money spins on Reactoonz.

Here are our results, which include some real surprises!

You can see that Reactoonz treated us well, with the whopping prize of 1,505x the bet. Overall, we ended with a neat profit of $€239 after 5,000 spins.

reactoonz-financial-analysis-Play-n-GO-1-SURVEY RESULTS

What kind of prizes does Reactoonz payout?

Reactoonz is a high variance slot which once in a while pays out mega prizes on top of the large rewards.

Take, for example, prizes of 100x to 250x the total bet: these are paid out once every 700 spins over the longer run.

Once every 3,500 spins, expect a prize of 250x to 500x the bet. We were lucky with our prize of a blistering 1,505x the total bet. Prizes of the size of 1,000x to 2,000x the total bet are expected to be awarded once every 50,000 spins. We got it, when we spun 5,000 times. This is what slots are all about: massive prize can hit in the next spin!

You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you win a reward of 2,000x (or more) of your total bet.


What are my chances of winning with Reactoonz?

Below, you find your chances of winning (or losing) a certain amount of $€, when you spin 100 x ($€1 per spin) or 500 x ($€0.20 per spin).

For the sake of comparison, the total amount wagered is $€100 in both cases.

reactoonz-financial-analysis-Play-n-GO-3-CHANCES OF WINNING

You see, for example, that your chance of winning 1x to 2.5x your bankroll (profits of $€100 to $€250) is 4.0% if you spin 100 times ($€1 per spin).

Reactoonz is a high variance slot: you see that you have realistic chances to win more than that. For example, a chance of 0.24% to win a whopping $€1,000 or more!

Does the “Hit and Run” strategy work with Reactoonz?

With the Hit and Run strategy, you have an initial bankroll of (say) $100. You start playing $€1, $€5 or $€10 per spin, until you, either:

  • Have reached your target profit: profits of at least $€10, $€20, $€50, $€100, $€200, $€500, $€1000, $€2K, $€5K, $€10K, $€20K or $€50K (the latter is 500x your bankroll).
  • Have lost your entire bankroll ($€100 in this example)

The table below shows the chance of meeting the target first:

reactoonz-financial-analysis-Play-n-GO-4-HIT AND RUN STRATEGY

Reactoonz is a high variance slot, which implies that the Hit and Run strategy works with Reactoonz if you aim to make a high (but realistic) profit of at least 10x your bankroll ($€200 profit with a bankroll of $€100).

For example, the chance of reaching the target of $€1,000 is 4.2% if you stake $€10 per spin.

This strategy also works well with Reactoonz if you are eager to make profits of 20x your bankroll.

For higher targets, you need a slot that is even more volatile such as Jammin Jars.

If you don’t like to stake $€10 per spin, but prefer spins of say $€1, we recommend setting a lower target. In that case, though, you are better off playing a lower variance slot such as Bloodsuckers, Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest.

Reactoonz is a spectacular high variance slot and awards massive prizes

The Theoretical RTP of Reactoonz is 96.5%, which is not bad all!

Reactoonz will easily become your favourite slot if you like to win lots of prizes in the range of 100x to 500x the total bet. Reactoonz awards these much more often than most other slots.

Is Reactoonz an all-or-nothing slot? Pretty close, we would say. You are taking lots of risk. As a reward for the risk you make, you have a lot of upwards potential.

For the Hit and Run Strategy, Reactoonz works better than most other slots, if you aim profits of 10x to 20x your initial bankroll.


Our verdict on the Reactoonz video slot

At first, we did not like this new slot by Play ‘n GO at all. Too busy, too complicated and our money disappeared way too fast. Fortunately, we persevered.

This slot does have the ability to get you extremely nice payouts, and when you are lucky enough to have the Gargantoon Feature in play, your screen just erupts into 1 big party.

As soon as you win 1,500 x your bet in one spin, in a matter of seconds, then suddenly Reactoonz becomes a-ton-of-fun slot.

And if, 10 spins later, you grab another pot of gold, this time at the tune of 365 x your bet, you become a fan for life in that very instant!

4 out of 5 stars


Some things just always seem to work across different slot titles. This one isn’t an exception. And so, you would benefit from finding a bonus. I still think finding a great casino is even more important than a bonus, so don’t miss out on the list I’ve put together.

With this in mind, the last thing you need to check out is what budget you have. Are the funds you have going to be enough? I believe they are. What matters, in this case, is to stick to one very simple rule – be smart about your bankroll and bet at reasonable stakes.


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