The top 10 most popular Big Time Gaming slots

Big Time Gaming slots are out-of-the-box and thrilling

Never was it so challenging to select the top 10 slots, as with this provider? Some 20 slots are so incredibly great that I’ll do injustice to some slots. By definition.

Slots like Kingmaker Megaways, Royal Mint Megaways, Slot Vegas Megaquads could easily be on this list as well.

But hey, that’s what life’s all about. There are always dropouts, even though it’s not always fair. Maybe in the next version, I’ll include these. Times change and therefore also the popularity of slots.

BTG stands for out-of-the-box slots. They were the first to come with the Megaways mechanic, the first to introduce the Buy a Bonus Feature (BTG calls it the Feature Drop), they introduced the Megaclusters and the Megaquads.

And last but not least, most of their slots are very volatile with an enormous win potential. Nowadays, we see more volatile slots, but BTG was a pioneer in that aspect as well.

Anyway, I bored you with enough small talk for now. Let’s get to the more serious stuff. 

The top 10 of best Big Time Gaming slots

Below the top 10 list! I included details such as the year of release, the Return to Player (RTP), variance and the max win.

BTG  – most popular slots Year RTP
1. Lil’ Devil 2019 96.43%
2. White Rabbit Megaways 2017 97.24%
3. Bonanza Megaways 2016 96.00%
4. Danger High Voltage 2017 96.22%
5. Monopoly Megaways  2019 96.39%
6. Starclusters Megaclusters 2020 96.54%
7. Extra Chilli Megaways 2018 96.41%
8. Holy Diver Megaways 2019 96.54%
9. The Final Countdown 2019 96.65%
10. Who wants to be a millionaire Megaways 2018 96.24%


BTG – most popular slots Variance Max win
1. Lil’ Devil Extreme 100,000x
2. White Rabbit Megaways High 13,000x
3. Bonanza Megaways Mid-High 12,000x
4. Danger High Voltage High 15,746x
5. Monopoly Megaways  High 14,700x
6. Starclusters Megaclusters High 23,000x
7. Extra Chilli Megaways High 20,000x
8. Holy Diver Megaways High 23,306x
9. The Final Countdown High 36,000x
10. Who wants to be a millionaire Megaways Very High 40,000x


Now a more detailed overview of these fantastic slots!

No. 1: Lil’ Devil

Year: 2019
RTP main game: 96.43%
Variance (volatility): extremely high
Max win: 100,000 the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.10 to $€20

The Lil’ Devil slot is my favourite one, as it’s so unique amd bizarre.

For starters, the theme is unusual, shall we say? You hear the lyrics (Livin’ in a shack in a one-horse town) of the Lil’ Devil song of the Cult, which explains the slot-name.

Apart from that, the slot smells like the Australian Outback, given the crocs, lizards, crabs and the typical Ozzy outback background.

Then the features: these are awesome! We have Devil wilds and Angel wilds. The latter are stacked and have multipliers up to 12x. Land two of those, and you’re talking about a 144x multiplier!

There are two free spins options, and both are breathtaking. The less risky one makes use of the avalanche mechanic and wilds with multipliers. The riskiest one has sticky wilds that can convert to Angel wilds.

And you also have the Heartsopper free spins, where the free spins have even more potential.

And that’s what this slot is all about: the max win is an insane 100.000x, and several lucky players have already reported such life-changing wins. Yes, you can be next!


No. 2: White Rabbit Megaways

Year: 2017
RTP main game: 97.24%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 13,000x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: 100x (RTP 97.77%)
Betting range: $€0.30 to $€20

White Rabbit Megaways is one of the first Megaways slots, and when you get the free spins, you’ll see that the 5 reels can grow and have up to 12 symbols.

Get all 5 reels with the full 12 symbols, and you’re talking about a massive 248,832 Megaways.

The slot works with increasing win multipliers, and if things go your way, you can conjure yourself a win of thousands of times the bet!

The theme is based on the Alice in Wonderland fairytale.

This slot was the first slot ever with the Feature Drop (nowadays called the Bonus Buy Feature). And that was back in 2017! Nowadays, we see so many Feature Buy slots, but remember that it started with this slot.

And last but not least, the Return to Player. The RTP is a whopping 97.24% and is indeed the best paying Megaways slot till today. If you choose to buy the free spins, the RTP increases to a fantastic 97.77%!


No. 3: Bonanza Megaways

Year: 2016
RTP main game: 96.00%
Variance (volatility): medium-high
Max win: 12,000x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.20 to $€20

Bonanza Megaways is the slot where it all began when we’re talking about the Megaways slots.

Okay, it wasn’t the first BTG Megaways slot (it was Starquest Megaways), but this one is the most played. By far!

This slot is still in the top 10 list of the most-played-slots-ever.

Nowadays, many Megaways slots have similar features (117,649 Megaways and the avalanche mechanic with increasing multipliers) and fireworks, but we should give credits to Bonanza, because it all began with this one.


No. 4: Danger High Voltage

Year: 2017
RTP main game: 96.22%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 35,746x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.10 to $€40

The 2017-slot Danger High Voltage is one to remember, as it looks completely different from a standard slot.

You’re in a disco, and you hear Electric Six’s “Danger! High Voltage” song. The lyrics are “Fire in the disco, Fire in the Taco Bell, Fire in the disco, Fire in the gates of hell”.

If you watch the clip, it’s completely nuts, out-of-the-box, funny and weird.

The premium symbols are a diamond skull, a taco and a bell (how appropriate) and a disco ball.

The features are fantastic. You have stacked wilds, and the electric ones have an x6 multiplier.

You have two free spins options. The first is the Gates of Hell free spins, with sticky wilds. The second is the High Voltage Free spins with stacked wilds with either an x11, x22, x33, x44, x55 or x66 multiplier. The higher the voltage, the higher the multiplier!


No. 5: Monopoly Megaways

Year: 2019
RTP main game: 96.39%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 14,700x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.20 to $€20

How about that! Your favourite board game converted into a Megaways slot.

Monopoly Megaways is a stunner. You have 6 reels with a potential 117,649 Megaways, it works with the avalanche mechanic, and it simply looks breathtaking.

The idea is to construct houses on the streets, for which you need Mr Monopoly’s help. Apart from that, you also need (at least) consecutive three wins.

If you land on “START”, “Chance”, or “Community Chest”, you often gain nice extras such as extra houses or a full 117,649 Megaways-spin.

As soon as you have five houses (i.e. a hotel) on one street, you win the 8 free spins. The 8 free spins can become 12 free spins if you collect the 4 stations.

The free spins work with an increasing multiplier, which increases following a win—all in all, a great spectacle. The max win is a massive 14,700x.


No. 6: Starclusters Megaclusters

Year: 2020
RTP main game: 96.54%
Variance (volatility): very high
Max win: 23,000x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.20 to $€20

BTG doesn’t like to slack, and they developed the new Megaclusters mechanic to emphasize it.

Like with the Megaways mechanic, BTG is willing to share the Megacluster mechanic with other game studios and Relax Gaming was the first to benefit with Krystal Clusters Megaclusters (in 2021). I expect more beauties will follow!

Starclusters Megaclusters is a grid slot, but the unique thing is that symbols can split into 4 mini-symbols. In the main game, the 4×4 grid can expand up to an 8×8 grid.

When you play the free spins, you start with an 8×8 grid, but you can end up with a staggering 16×16 grid (256 mini-symbols).

Needless to say that the possibilities are countless!


No. 7: Extra Chilli Megaways

Year: 2018
RTP main game: 96.41%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 20,000x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: 50x and RTP 96.26% – 96.82% (highest if you gamble)
Betting range: $€0.20 to $€50

Extra Chili Megaways is similar to Bonanza Megaways (also with up to 117,649 Megaways), but some additional features make it a slot with more options.

It has the gambling feature for starters, which you can use to increase the number of free spins from 8 to 12 to 16 to 20 to potentially 24!

With increasing win multipliers, you’ll understand that it’s way more lucrative to have 24 free spins.

To speed up things, you can use the Buy a Bonus Feature for 50x the original bet.


No. 8: Holy Diver Megaways

Year: 2019
RTP main game: 96.54%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 23,306x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.10 to $€20

Personally, Holy Diver Megaways is my favourite slot, but with regret it put it on  the 8th spot, as it isn’t the most-played one.

The slot mainly accommodates the advanced and patient players seeking variety and complexity and is probably a bit overwhelming for many players.

Below the 6 reels, you see a wide image with a walking knight. When he opens a treasure chest, he throws either some wilds, stacked wilds on the screen. But if you’re lucky, he “glues” one of four coloured gems (blue, red, green and purple) on a bronze shield.

Once the bronze shield is fully decorated with the four gems, you win the first free spins level. Now all gems turn into wilds.

If you’ve more patience, you can decide to turn down the 1st level of free spins and go for a higher level. In that case, you need to collect another four gems again and glue these on a silver shield.

If you play the 2nd level of free spins, you get wilds with x2 multipliers, and the reels expand. You can win up to 396,900 Megaways!

If you also turn down the 2nd level free spins and go for 3rd and final level, you’ll get wilds with x3 multipliers and potentially an incredible 586,971 Megaways!


No. 9: The Final Countdown

Year: 2020
RTP main game: 96.65%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 36,000x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.20 to $€20

Europe’s The Final Countdown is one of the 80’s rock classics. BTG (and deservedly so) devoted a slot to this fantastic song.

The Final Countdown slot has a 6×4 setup and has 4096 ways to win.

We have the linked-reels feature, where you can land up to four identical reels, which is lucrative with a slot with the win-all-ways mechanic.

The better news is that you have wilds with 2×2, 3×3 or even 4×4 in size. And these wilds also have multipliiers.

You have two free spins options, and both are excellent.

With the Heading for Venus option, you get wilds with multipliers up to a staggering 888x.

If you choose to play the riskier Countdown Free Spins, you get 2×2 wilds with an x4 multiplier. However, if you progress to the next level, the wilds are 3×3 in size and will have an x27 multiplier. If you move to the third level, you get 4×4 wilds with a blistering x256 multiplier. For each remaining spin!


No. 10: Who wants to be a millionaire Megaways

Year: 2018
RTP main game: 96.24%
Variance (volatility): high
Max win: 40,000x the bet
Bonus Buy Feature: No
Betting range: $€0.20 to $€20

Who doesn’t know that thrilling TV show, where participants get to move up the 12 questions ladder towards the flat million!

Can you become a millionaire with this game? The max win is 40,000x, and the max stake is a twenty. But, if everything goes your way, you’re talking about a potential 800 grand!

It’s a Megaways slot with up to 117,649 Megaways with the usual avalanche mechanic.

The main game is a bit dull, but the free spins are spectacular.

When you land 3 scatters, you win 8 free spins. Thanks to the gamble feature, you can climb up the ladder, up to a staggering 50 free spins.

To make it happen, you need to answer 11 questions correctly (consecutively). If you fail to answer a question correctly, the feature ends.

It’s indeed a challenge, and you can decide to stop and settle with fewer free spins.

The good news is that you’re not alone. As with this TV show, you get help from either “the audience”, “a friend who you can call” or “the fifty-fifty (50:50)”.

The free spins work with increasing win-multipliers, so obviously, your odds to land something insane is best if you have the whole 50 free spins to play with. 

Conclusions: Play BGT slots, if you don’t like run-of-the-mill slots

I love Big Time Gaming slots. They are thrilling, thanks to the enormous volatility of their slots. To get there, the gameplay and the animations must cater for it. And believe me, these do!

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