Megaclusters slots explained: how do they work?

how do megaclusters slots work

how do megaclusters slots work

From the creator of Megaways comes a brand new concept: Megaclusters

Who isn’t familiar with Megaways slots? Anyone?

Megaways inventor Big Time Gaming has released 11 Megaways slots till to date. It has sold its license to parties such as Blueprint Gaming, iSoftbet, Red Tiger Gaming, Fantasma Gaming and many others.

Up to now, there are almost 100 Megaways slots.

Now, Big Time Gaming has come up with a new concept. In short: possibly groundbreaking again!

The word says it all. Instead of “mega lots of paylines” (Megaways), the new concept has “mega lots of clusters” (Megaclusters).

Up to now, we are used to cluster pays slots where the grid has a standard size.

Take some famous Play’n GO slots, for example:

  • Reactoonz with a playing field (or “grid”) of 7×7 symbols (or “positions” or “fields” or “spaces” or “tiles”)
  • Moon Princess or Rise or Olympus with a playing field of 5×5 positions
  • Honey Rush with a kind of hexagonal playing field of 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 positions

Some slots like Netent’s Reel Rush start with a small grid setup, and as you make winning combos (clusters), it increases in size.

Big Time Gaming decided it was time to do something different. Something unique.

The idea: if a position is part of a winning combo, the position will be divided into 4 smaller positions, so that 4 symbols can appear instead of 1 symbol!

When Big Time Gaming comes up with something, every person involved in the slots world sits down.

So did I.

Below I will explain, in big detail, how a Megaclusters slot works.

I do this based on the very first Megaclusters slot that was introduced in June 2020 by Big Time Gaming: the Star Clusters slot.

how does a megaclusters slot work

So, how does a Megacluster slot work?

With Big Time Gaming’s Star Clusters slot, you start with a 4×4 grid (playing field).

You start to spin. If there are no wins, you continue to play on the 4×4 grid. The fireworks begin once you get a new winning combo of at least 5 adjacent symbols (a winning cluster). Symbols are adjacent to each other if they are next to each other. Either side by side or on top of each other.

In the case of a winning cluster, you get a free re-spin.

But that’s not all. The positions or tiles, on which the winning symbols appeared are split into 4 mini-positions. The result is that the playing field expands. This can continue until the original 4×4 grid expands to an 8×8 grid.

With the free spins, the playing field (starting grid) is 8×8 in size. It can expand to a grid of an astonishing 16×16 in size. Or 256 positions! Extravagant and insane!

Below, I show you a more detailed explanation with helpful illustrations. I’ll elaborate on:

1) Megaclusters in the main game

2) Megaclusters with the free spins

3) Frequently asked questions 

Megaclusters in the main game

Below you can see the starting playing field when you open the main game. It is a 4×4 grid, and there is space for 16 symbols (calculated as 4×4).

megaclusters slots explained

Now you start to spin.  Below you see an example of what a winning combo looks like.

megaclusters BTG explained

In the example, a cluster of 5 has appeared, where 1 of the 5 symbols is a wild one (the yellow star). The 4 green symbols, together with the wild symbol,  is the winning cluster of 5 symbols.

This is also how it (usually) works with other cluster pays slots. Following this winning cluster, you get a free re-spin.

A position splits itself up into fours at a Megacluster slot

As there has been a winning cluster, the playing field will evolve.

For the re-spin,  the positions that were part of the winning cluster, will each be divided into 4 mini-positions.

You can see that in the illustration below, where we continue with the same example from above.

megaclusters slot win

The 5 positions that were part of the winning combo are split into 4 mini-positions.

The result is a grid slot of 31 positions, whereas previously, you had a grid slot of 16 positions. So in the re-spin, you’ll see 31 symbols instead of 16.

Now you get the re-spin, and let’s assume you get a winning cluster of 7 adjacent symbols,  consisting of  6 orange coloured symbols and 1 wild symbol (the yellow star).

Now you have earned again, a free re-spin. The playing field, according to the Megaclusters mechanism, will be enlarged again. To a playing field totalling 37 positions.

This series of reactions can go on, till you don’t make a winning cluster anymore.

In that case, you go back to square one and start with the original playing field with 16 positions (grid of 4×4).

Megaclusters during the free spins

With the free spins, the concept works in the same way, but the starting grid (playing field) is 8×8 in size (64 positions).

At Star Clusters Megaclusters, you get at least two free spins to start with, if you have activated them.

Suppose you have managed to spin a cluster after the first spin, as shown below. In this example, you spun a pack of 8 symbols (7 blue and 1 wild).

Also, with the free spins, the positions that were part of the winning cluster are each split into fours.

And again, the playing field will increase in size for the be next re-spin.  You can see that in the illustration below, where we continue with the same example.

Here you see that the 8 positions (tiles or spaces) that were part of the winning combo are split into 4 mini-positions each.

For the next re-spin, you have a grid slot of 88 symbols, whereas previously, you had a grid slot of 64 symbols.

Let’s assume you get another winning combo for the next spin, as depicted below.

Now you’ve spun another winning cluster of 11 winning symbols: this time all 11 yellow symbols.

For the next re-spin, the playing field will increase in size again. According to the Megaclusters mechanism. Up to 97 positions.

In contrast to the main game, you don’t reset to an 8×8 field following a spin, without a winning cluster. You continue to build on what you had.

In the ideal situation, you can end up with a grid of 16×16, or 256 positions.

megaclusters slots explained

Wow, that’s a lot to take in!

Well, my fellow hipsters, yes, it is.

Megaclusters isn’t a simple concept, and it might take some getting used to before you understand it to the full extent.

The best thing is to try it out for yourself.

Every Big Time Gaming casino offers Megaclusters slots.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Megaclusters slots

Now that we’ve explained the entire mechanism, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Will there be more Megacluster slots?

We expect so since it must have been a considerable investment to design this concept. After all, it’s a pretty complicated mechanism: graphically as well as mathematically. Who knows! The Megaclusters slots will become the new Megaways slots.

Will Big Time Gaming license Megaclusters, as they did with the Megaways slots?

Why wouldn't they? It' has worked out very well for them. There are now almost 100 Megaways slots, and Big Time Gaming has benefited from it. No doubt!

Will all Megaclusters slots look the same, going forwards?

Yes and no. The core symbol-splitting mechanism will be kept. For everything else, the sky is the limit. New themes, mystery symbols, multipliers?

What are the advantages of Megaclusters slots?

It's a bit different and a bit more complicated. Experienced slot players love new concepts. The Megaways concept is already familiar to that kind of player.

What are the disadvantages of Megaclusters slots?

Megaclusters slots might be a bit overwhelming and complicated at first, especially if you are a novice slot player.

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